Friday, November 13, 2009

A New CFM Resource

In case you haven't noticed, CFM launched an e-newsletter a few weeks ago. Edited by AAM's Asistant Director of Research. Phil Katz, Dispatches from the Future of Museums presents weekly content on trends, projections, museum innovation and tools for the future. The latest issue includes links to articles on the new Irvine Foundation report on trends shaping the social sector, demographic data on the Baby Boomers, forecasts from the travel and tourism sector and a creative program at the Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wis. that helps Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers through art.

You can subscribe to Dispatches here.

And before you write to me and comment: yes, Dispatches has advertising. Tasteful and appropriate advertising, we hope. This generates a bit of income to offset AAM's operating costs for CFM. (Museums aren't the only nonprofits in search of new business models!) We appreciate our advertisers' support, and hope that you check out their goods and services.

If you have suggestions for items to include in Dispatches or in the Research Roundup, let us know. Phil can be reached at

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Nina Simon said...

I'd love to see the Dispatches as a blog with an email option. I delete e-newsletters but would happily subscribe to a blog feed of the same content. Happy to help you with the setup if this is a direction you want to go.