Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are Museums Going in the Right Direction?

As you may remember, at the AAM annual meeting in L.A. this past May, the Pinky Show joined the CFM to ask museum professionals what they thought about the future of museums. The Pinky Show cats wrote a report on what they discovered and Elizabeth shared her thoughts.

Now it is time to see some of what came out of those interviews. This first segment includes several museums professionals and a service animal answering the question, "Do you think museums are going in the right direction?"

Fear not, there will be more of these clips (edited by the CFM) and hopefully, someday soon we'll see an official presentation from those Pinky Show cats. Until then, enjoy.

- Guzel duChateau, AAM New Media Specialist and CFM Program Coordinator

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frankmad99 said...

I believe museums are going in the right directionS (emphasis on multiple). While most museums are expanding interpretation in their exhibits to include the experiences and interests of their visitors, at least a few are going in the opposite direction back to collection-centered exhibits with little or no interpretation beyond object description. Without evidence to the contrary, one can only assume this is a right direction for these institutions as it must be the result of a conscious, mission-driven choice.