Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Call for Creativity! With Prizes…

What do these creative, mind-blowing, reality-warping museum projects have in common?

• An “Amazing Race”-type game that sends teams scampering through the city to explore their communities

• Museum staff hanging out in bars, using beer coasters embossed with provocative questions to start conversations about science

• A education program gone meta modeled on Pixar (Animation Studio) University: museum staff teach other museum staff in the kind of programs usually aimed at visitors

Got you stumped? They are all winners of the Brookings Paper on Creativity in Museums competition.

And why am I blogging about this? Museums need to foster creativity to thrive in the future! Creativity & innovation are the institutional equivalent of sex—sources of variability that spawn new forms that may thrive (or die) in new environments. (Have I mentioned before that I’m a biologist by training?)

Have you got a project to enter in the Brookings competition this year? The deadline for papers is February 2 but (shhhhh, sharing a secret) I can wrangle you an extension if you need it, just ask.

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