Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flex your Twitter Muscles and Prep to Tackle the Diversity Challenge!

Are you psyched about this Thursday’s Diversity Twebevent? Betty Farrell, Cecilia Garibay and Lisa Sasaki, are primed and ready to tweet with you on Feb. 24, from 2–3 p.m. (ET), exploring how museums are tackling demographic change.

Full disclosure—this is a CFM experiment in the use of new media. Check out the Twebevent page we’ve set up--we will test the power of Twitter and see how well it does at:

Providing a real-time forum for you to lob questions and comments to our panelists about the challenges facing American museums, given the increased diversity of the public, and the difficulties we are having in expanding our core audiences

Serving as a platform where you can share diversity resources with your colleagues. Be prepared to tweet links to articles, program descriptions, web pages, research—anything that you can share with your colleagues to compile information and examples of how museums are working to better reflect their communities.

If you want to prep for the Twebevent you can revisit the AAM report “Demographic Transformation and the Future of Museums” to refresh your memory about Betty’s observations and recommendations. And listen to Betty, Lisa and Cecilia's session at the 2010 AAM annual meeting.

The Twitter hashtag for the event is #CFMTrends—include this in your tweets to:
• Let us know you intend to participate
• Share your links to resources
• Send your questions and comments to our panelists

I hope you will join us this Thursday. And please—spread the word to your twitter peeps!

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