Friday, October 26, 2012

Futurist Friday: Remixing the Future

Easy assignment this week: devote 3 minutes and 24 seconds to a lightning tour of future visions expressed in film, remixed by Eclectic Method.

Phil found this video via the LIS (Library and Information Science) Blog, and a link  in Dispatches from the Future of Museums yesterday. I'm highlighting it on the blog to encourage you to us it for your self-directed futures studies curriculum. 

Homework (which validates watching YouTube videos on work time): 

  • After letting these images wash over you, jot down your impressions. Which prevail-- dystopic or utopian visions? What are the demographics of these futures? (Hint, I was relieved to see Linda Hamilton for a fraction of a sec.) 
  • Extra credit: a)  name the films the clips come from and b) nominate scenes or films you would have included that aren't in this mix.

As always, sharing your work below (in comments) is encouraged. 

Have a good weekend.


KayBee said...

Hmm... I know I missed a few, but here's my list.

5th element
back to the future
2001 space odyssey
blade runner
minority report
total recall
demolition man
war of the worlds?
star wars

To add? Good question.
12 Monkeys - dystopia

jungledrum said...

The assignment provoked the following:
If history is a metaphor for our moment, the way we represent the future must be too. So when I look at these slices of metaphor what I see has to do with our fear of change and love of wonder. Both pulse through METROPOLIS, and the scenes in Blade Runner where Rutger Hauer's arch angel waxes philosophical about consciousness is screenwriting at its best. The movie that makes the future seem most viable is Back To The Future. Maybe viable isn't the right word - comforting because it's a self-referential version - an attempt at class and race neutral. It's comfort promotes exclusion.