Thursday, October 4, 2012

Picturing the Future

I’ve shared a number of scenarios on this blog, mostly in the form of short stories envisioning potential futures. But written scenarios have their limitations. Words are specific—the reader can only build out the story, explore the implications, in the gaps left by the author.

Source: via Future on Pinterest

Pictures leave more to the imagination. Where words make statements, pictures make suggestions.

That is why I started a Pinterest account for CFM—so Phil Katz and I can share images that spur our imaginations as we explore the limits of the Cone of Plausibility.

Source: via Future on Pinterest

I’m using today’s post to share a few of my favorite images from CFM’s Pinterest Boards. Give yourself a few minutes to study these pictures, and see what stories of the future they suggest to you. (Jot down your thoughts in the comments section, if you want to share.)

If you find an image you feel illustrates a potential future—bright, dark, funny or just plain strange—send it to me or Phil, so we can add it to our pins. Also, my futurist colleague José Ramos is looking for images for a forecast on the future of childhood education I am helping with this Saturday night. If you know of any images you think illustrate that topic, please contribute them via this poll, which closes Friday. Thank you!

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