Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fuel Your Futurist Imagination: 6 Artistic Visions of the Future

The BBC is running a contest, encouraging people to enter stills or video/animation depicting their personal visions of the future. They kicked off the "What If?" project by inviting six artists from around the world to seed the process. 

Recommended reading/viewing for this Friday: scoping out the What If? artists page, and scoping out the three paintings/drawings and three videos they contributed.
Estimated time (total) for reading & viewing: 8 minutes
Japanese artist Koji Yamamura creating his vision
  • Japanese illustrator and film-maker Koji Yamamura reinterprets Pieter Bruegel's Tower of Babel. 
  • The Play Collective, based in Buenos Aires, imagines the chaos engendered by a toddler grabbing the family remote, 300 years from now.
  • Glenn Hatton, from Australia, animates three cities of the future.
  • Abdoulay Konate, director of the Conservatoire of Arts and Media in Bamalo, Mali, contributes a vision of a future created by respect for the environment
  • By contrast, British artist and author Levi Pinfold draws a dark, arid future based in scarcity (to me, it looks like a group of refugees from one of China Mieville's novels landed in the deserts of Tatooine).
  • While Chema Madoz, from Spain, fears that resources may simply run out in 50 years time, resulting in "The End." 
And the contest doesn't close until tomorrow, March 8--so you have a brief window to submit your entry...

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