Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Earn Your Future Traveler Badge in Baltimore

Ready for the road to the Alliance annual meeting? Podcasts loaded for the journey? Plane/train reading all picked out? One last thing--take a minute to learn about a new way to share some of the great stuff you are going to hear, and earn a badge, to boot.

LearningTimes, sponsor of CFM's digital badging project, has set up a BadgeOS site just for the annual meeting. Attend any four of the sessions listed in the 2013 edition of CFM's "Guide to the Future at the Annual Meeting," submit an insight, favorite quote or key take-away, and you will earn an awesome Future Traveler Badge. Here's how:

  1. Use your mobile device to log on to CFM-aam.org (you will be invited to download an app—I recommend you accept. The one I put on my iPad has a nice, clean interface.)
  2. The first time you come to the site, select "Register" to pick a username & password, and provide an email to which your badge will be sent.
  3. The site lists all 21 sessions eligible for badging points. When you are ready to submit your insight, select the appropriate session, enter your text in the Submission Form box and hit the submit button. (Note you can upload a file instead of or in addition to the text in the box.) That's it!
  4. After you submit insights from at least 4 sessions, you will receive an email awarding your badge via Credly, which you can share via any digital platform (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.).

 Get a head start and visit Credly now to set up a free account, if you don’t have one yet. (Use the same email address when registering for Credly as for the app to make receiving your sharable badge fast and easy.)

After the meeting, I’ll mine your collected wisdom to compile a blog post featuring highlights of these futures-oriented sessions. Thank you, in advance, for sharing some of what you learn in B'more. 

If you have questions about how to earn, and use, your Future Traveler Badge, or about badging in general, visit Credly’s booth, #1066, in MuseumExpo™.

Badge On! 

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