Friday, June 7, 2013

Futurist Friday: Interview with Garry Golden

Garry Golden is a professional futurist. (Yes, it is a profession. I myself am a proud member of the Association of Professional Futurists.) 

I met Garry through our shared academic lineage--he is a full fledged graduate of the University of Houston's Strategic Foresight program; I took their one week crash course when I was handed the assignment of founding CFM. The director of the UH program. Peter Bishop, became one of the founding members of the CFM Council, and introduced me to Garry. Now Garry has succeeded Peter on the Council, and is my futurist mentor and frequent collaborator. 

In a couple of weeks he and I will be presenting at the League of American Orchestra's conference in St. Louis. In the course of preparing for that gig, I re-viewed a series short video interviews with Garry on the Kennedy Center's ArtsEdge site. In these interviews Garry introduces himself and discusses:
  • Arts Experiences and the Rise of Third Place. (Garry has also written on the CFM blog about the growing importance of Third Place.)
  • The Role of Educators in a dynamic arts education landscape
  • The Future of Work including the opportunities created by social networks and the growing need to develop an online portfolio of work
  • Effecting Change and the future of learning management systems 
  • Emerging Technologies including Kinect, Siri and IBM's Watson
Each video segment is 5-10 minutes long. Maybe ration them as quick brain breaks over the next few days. 

If you have questions for Garry, post them in the comments section, below, and I will nudge him to reply.

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MeganAnne said...

Thanks for posting these. I met Garry through the California Association of Museum's Leaders of the Future program. He's awesome.