Friday, January 17, 2014

Futurist Friday: Robots for Humanity

Yah, I know, I know. The last "Futurist Friday" was about robots, too. But this is too interesting to pass up.

I've written about instances in which robots are replacing human labor. But as I read more, it seems like the more interesting promise of robotics is how technology will supplement and assist human work.

One awesome example of realizing this potential is "Robots for Humanity"—a collaboration dedicated to pioneering adaptive robotic tech to help people with disabilities navigate the world.

Your Futurist Friday assignment: this 10 minute video—a TED talk by quadriplegic Henry Evans in which he demonstrates how robotic assistance enables him to shave, play soccer and even fly. (And, combating the current prejudice against drones, watch how a little flying quadrotor robot helps Henry expand his world.

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