Friday, February 14, 2014

Futurist Friday: Hyper-Reality

I'm happy to see that Keiichi Matsuda successfully funded his "Hyper-Reality" film series through a Kickstarter project. It looks like an awesome futurist project.

This series of 5 minute films, set in Medellin, Columbia, will explore how rapid technological transformation can impact a culture. As Keiichi describes it, the films will show "an ambitious new vision of the future; instead of jetpacks, flying cars and robots, think smart cities, super-social media, and ubiquitous augmented reality. It will be a science fiction short for our time; introspective, critical, and beautifully designed."

Your Futurist Friday assignment: watch the promo video Keiichi created for the Kickstarter campaign  [2.50 min video]

Think about the technologies Keiichi depicts, and how they might transform your life, and the work of your museum. And keep an eye out for the full series!

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