Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yah, Museums Do That

I want to share this video the Alliance recently released. It shares a couple of great stories demonstrating museums' role in the growing "vibrant learning grid" connecting educational resources in the US. 

These stories of "how museums rocked my world" belong are to two pretty amazing learners:

Spencer Hahn, who defied his doctors' predictions that he would likely never walk or talk. He took his first steps and said his first words in The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. His mother describes the museum as "an extended family we always have access to." 

Simone Batiste, 16-year-old aspiring reconstructive surgeon, now interning at the Chabot Space and Science Center. Simone started going to museums when she was five years old to "learn all this stuff I don't learn in school." 

Next time a friend, or neighbor, or funder or your legislative representative says "I didn't know museums did that" (i.e., education) send them a link to this video and knock their socks off. 

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