Thursday, July 3, 2014

Futurist (Thursday?): No Phones at the Pop-up Dinner Table

[Due to the July 4 holiday in the US, Futurist Friday falls on a Thursday this week. Churchy LaFemme would approve.] 

A study by Android last year showed the average user checks their phone about once every seven seconds. When you are trying to relax and spend some quality time with a loved one, can you resist the impulse to pull out your smart phone and peek, just peek, at your email/Twitter stream/Fbook messages/Instagram Feed/etc. etc. etc.? 

The Napkin Table is one piece of low-tech hardware designed to help you do just that. 

Your Futurist Thursday assignment: spend a few minutes to brainstorm ways to "disconnect to reconnect" this summer, Whether you construct your own version of the Napkin Table,  "phone stack"  when you go out to dinner with friends, or just resolve to turn off all digital devices at 10 pm, select a handful of strategies for your personal "digital detox" to deploy in coming months.

You can read more about "Unplugging from a Hyperconnected World," and what this means for museums, in TrendsWatch 2013

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