Friday, September 19, 2014

Futurist Friday: Cities of the Future

Just to switch things up a little, this week's Futurist Friday assignment is a listen rather than a read.

Jacob Morgan interviews Deb Acosta, the chief innovation officer for the city of San Leandro, CA, for his Future of Work podcast:

Cities of the Future: building the city of the future and driving innovation (1 hr)

Acosta shares how San Leandro is using high-speed connectivity to become competitive as a good place to run a business and a good place to live, as well as her projections of what cities will look like in the next quarter century. 

I think you will like her remarks on the importance of the arts in creating a livable city, (I kept waiting for her to say "museum"--but I guess San Leandro doesn't have one now since their History Museum & Art Gallery shows up on Google Maps as "permanently closed." Sigh.) 

I hope this podcast inspires you to look around in your own city/town/state for Acosta's counterpart. Austin has a chief innovation officer--so does Kansas City, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. (Here's one attempt to map these positions across the country.)

While these officers often emphasize technology, they are more broadly responsible for a futures-oriented approach with city planning: charged with identifying strategies that will help their community take advantage of cultural, economic environmental AND technological trends in order to prosper. 

I hope these CIOs appreciate the power of museums to help shape the future, and count the resources we bring to the table as one of their tools for change. But I suspect many of them do not. So if you have a Chief Innovation Officer (or the equivalent) in the area you serve, call them up, give them a tour of the museum, ask how you can contribute to their work. And let me know what they say...

Here's a video introduction to San Leandro to warm you up for the podcast:

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Deborah Acosta said...

Google Maps shows our Museum as permanently closed?? No way! We have a lovely San Leandro History and Arts Museum -- and thank you for the reminder of how important it is to remember where you've been before charting a course for your future! And Art is the foundation of innovation -- much more to come here in our City.

Deborah Acosta
Chief Innovation Officer
San Leandro, CA