Friday, June 26, 2015

Futurist Friday: The Flood Next Time

Bjarke Ingels BIG architects in Copenhagen, won a federal competition to design storm protection for New York City. In this article he speaks about how his work in geoengineering is inspired by science fiction--specifically Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy. (My husband just finished reading Red Mars, the first in the trilogy. I get it next. Yay.) Ingels notes that "Architecture and design—-at the core of it, is the art and science of turning fiction into fact."

In TrendsWatch 2015 I look at how cities and museums are envisioning resilient futures. Your Futurist Friday assignment, watch this video [4 min 17 sec] about BIG's design for protecting NYC from the next big storm, and dream up some elements that would help "future proof" your community, fictions that you may someday help turn into fact.

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