Friday, June 12, 2015

Futurist Friday: My Mind to Your Mind

While we are not ready for the Vulcan Mind Meld (yet), researchers are already making great leaps in brain-to-computer interfaces. Now scientists are beginning to play with brain-to-brain communications. Recent experiments include:
  • fitting a human with an EEG cap that sends signals to a rat's brain, stimulating it to move its tail (Harvard University)
  • a video game that can only be played by two neurologically linked players--one who can see the game screen and, by thinking really hard, "tells" the other, holding the game controller, to push a button (University of Washington)
And in the future? Perhaps technology that enables people without speech to transmit thoughts and feelings directly to the minds of other people. Or, brain-to-brain training from someone who has already mastered a skill. 

Your Futurist Friday assignment: watch this video [5 min 11 sec] to find out more about the technology behind this evolving technology, and think about some of the questions posed by the narrator (Jonathon Strickland): How would you use brain-to-brain communication? What would art look like in a future in which we communicate directly with our brains?

If you enjoyed this video is from fwthinking, I recommend their website (where you can find more videos) and blog, You can also follow them on Twitter @fwthinking

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