Friday, September 2, 2016

Futurist Friday: Sheep View

This past April Durita Dahl Andreassen of Visit Faroe Islands launched a social media campaign to get Google to send it's Street View cameras to the Islands (even though they don't actually have many, you know, roads). Her approach? Mount solar powered 360 degree cameras on the back of sheep to show that mapping the rocky islands could be done.

In addition to providing proof of concept, the campaign garnered a lot of attention because...sheep. (Aka "fluffy camera operators.)

Did her strategy work? Yes! Durita's latest post reports Google staff have arrived and are preparing to deploy their own cameras via "sheep, bikes, backpacks, ships and even a wheelbarrow." 

I could make a point about how this story demonstrates the power of social media, or how increasingly powerful, portable technologies are bridging the "digital divide" in remote areas of the world. But, nah....I just love the sheep. 


Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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